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Sodium Humate Powder

We are also Import Sodium Humate on behalf our Customer or other Government bodied, Sodium Humate is sodium salt of humic acid, sodium humate flakes, sodium humate powder, sodium humate crystal , etc. We are providing a quality range ofSodium Humate. Sodium humate can be used both in animal feeding and industry use in oil drilling and waste water treatment.

Product Description: Sodium humate is made of Humic acid with sodium salt, is non-toxic, and odorless brown black powderor grain. It is natural high molecular aromatic polymer with reactive groups (chelation, complexing, ionexchange).

Sodium humate Application in Agriculture

Used as soil ameliorator, plant growth regulatorIt can improve soil composition and quality, activate soil nutrients, promote crop growth and development, increase physiological metabolism of plants. Used as feed additives and veterinary ingredients.

Benefits of Organic Fertilizers

  • Stimulate the growth and proliferation of beneficial soil organisms (algae, yeast, bacteria, nematodes and mycorrhizae)
  • Enhance root initiation and improve root growth
  • Accelerate seed germination.
  • Regulate hormone levels in stressed plants.
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