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Increases yield and improve quality of plants: Yes
Form: Powder
Usage: Agriculture, work as organic fertilizer
Humic Acid: 85%
Solubility: 100%
Potassium: 10%
Fulvic Acid: 10%
pH Value: 9 -10

Humic Acid

Agro biochemicals always deliver humic acid powder, humic acid granules, humic acid liquid, humic acid 95%, humic 98% and humic acid 100%. our humic acid less with lots of quality and benefits.

Agro biochemicals premium level supplier of humic acid. We are delivering high-quality humic acid with the most powerful characteristics for plants and soil. Our product helps to enhance water retention and increase seed germination rates.

Humic acid is primarily found in manure, peat, lignite coal, and leonardite. Humic acid extracted from manure or peat is usually not as effective in absorbing micronutrients as humic acid originating in leonardite.

Leonardite a highly oxidized form of organic matter is technically known as a low rank coal between peats and sub-bituminous. It is oxidized by nature, resulting in a highly active humic acid.

Humic acid 98%

Humic acid is a gathering of atoms that predicament to, and help plant roots receive, water and nutrients. High humic acid dimensions can significantly increase yields. Humic acid lack can keep ranchers and nursery workers from developing yields with optimum nutrition. Humic acids are critical as a mechanism for transporting nutrients from the dirt to the plant since they can clutch ionized nutrients, keeping them from leaching without end. Agro biochemicals the leading supplier, manufacturer, and producer of best humic acid, Humic Acid Powder and Liquid, Humic acid 95, Humic acid 98, Humic acid 100%, Humic acid flakes for farming. we know the need for agriculture land and expectation of farmers with us, so agro biochemicals aware for their duty and services.

Humic acid powder

Agro biochemicals is reputed supplier of humic acid powder .Our production team always maintains quality from the beginning. Agro biochemicals are one of the best humic acid production and manufacturing organizations for better farming results.

Humic acid granules

Our team is well experienced in humic acid granules production. Agro biochemicals are remarkable organization for supplying the high quality of humic acid granules. We are exporting and delivering the humic acid granules and it also enhances the growth of plant roots.

Organic Granular Humic Acid

Agrobiochemicals group supply best quality humic acid in India, we are humic acid granules, humic acid powder, humic acid liquid wholesaler and supplier with another type of humic acid (humic acid 95%, humic acid 98% and humic acid 100%) also. Our goal to provide a sustainable solution to our consumers. Agrobiochemicals always support assured product and their well-inspected quality. Our humic acid increases nutrient uptake in plants. The product helps to chelate harmful toxins in the soil, preventing them from entering the plant. On agrobiochemicals customer can order humic acid easily.

  • Stimulate the growth and proliferation of beneficial soil organisms (algae, yeast, bacteria, nematodes and mycorrhizae)
  • Enhance root initiation and improve root growth
  • Accelerate seed germination
  • Regulate hormone levels in stressed plants

A wide range of products like humic acid, humi cacid granules, humic powder, humic acid fertilizer at competitive rate. We are the trusted importer, exporter & supplier organic Humic Acid Fertilizer. Bulk Orders Only!

  • Act as a natural chelator (by providing a high cationic exchange capacity) to improve the uptake of minerals, nutrients and trace elements by plants
  • Act as a buffer to neutralise alkaline and acidic soils, freeing many previously bound trace elements
  • Stabilise or assist in the degradation of toxic substances (including toxic pesticide

1. What is the benefit of humic acid?

Humic acid help plant roots receive water and nutrients. The perfect humic acid levels can dramatically increase yields. Humic acids are vital for increasing cell wall permeability in plants.

2. What is Humate fertilizer?

Potassium humate is the salt of humic acid, potassium humate always helps to increase root respiration and formation, it increases the availability of in plants.

3. What does humic acid do to the soil?

Humic acid helps to Improves and optimizes the uptake of nutrients and water by plants. it always Increases the buffering properties of soil.

4. What is humic acid powder?

The Humic Acid Powder is a product constantly derived from natural material rich in soil organic matter and humic substances. This product is 99.9% soluble in water.

5. What is humic acid used for?

Humic acids increase the water infiltration and water-holding capacity of the soil. they help to improve the soil and help plants manage natural stresses.

6. How often should I use Water Soluble Humic Acid?

It can apply As often as every two weeks, the use of mix 1 to 2 quarter humic acid with sufficient water to cover par acre of your agriculture land.

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