Silicone Spreader Agent

Silicon Spreader is a super wetting and agriculture spreading Agent, which have low molecular weight non-ionic surfactant developed to improve the wetting, spreading and penetration of agriculture chemicals.

Being one of India's largest Supplier of Agricultural Spreader, Surfactants, Adjuvants, and Wetting Agents — we can fulfil all your Customised requirements.

Our Featured Supplies include

  • 100% Active Premium Silicone Super Spreader
  • 25% Active Economic Silicone Super Spreader
  • Non-Ionic Super Spreader
  • Ionic Economic Spreader

  • Our offered Silicon Spreader is processed by our experienced professionals using optimum quality.

    Chemical compounds and progressive technology in adherence to norms.

    How it helps you

    A Spreader Wetting Agent breaks down the surface tension of the water. These surfactants work on the surface of the water droplet to reduce its tendency to bead up by pulling the water and the wax on the leaf surface together, reducing the water’s surface tension and causing the water droplet to spread out.

    Perks of having Silicone Spreader

  • Facilitate uptake of chemicals into the plant tissue.
  • Easy scattering in aqueous systems.
  • Produces exceptionally quick wetting and spreading on hard to wet surface such as waxy leaves.
  • Enhance the performance of agricultural chemicals and plant growth regulator.
  • It can be used as a formulation ingredient in pesticide products, or as tank-mix adjuvant for foliar applied chemicals.

  • Go Green | We Love With Environment.
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