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Liquid Organic Fertilizer

We are the leading manufacturers, Suppliers and Exports of liquid fertilizer in India

We offer excellent quality Liquid Fertilizer to our most reliable customers. These liquid Fertilizers have major benefits such as instant impact as well as wide coverage over traditional solid fertilizers. These liquid Fertilizers are precise in compositions and also very Easy to utilize. The product penetrates simply inside the soil because of its liquid nature and also very successfully raises the top quality of the soil. The product is cost effective and delivered to the clients within the defined time frame. It is also packed very carefully to ensure its safe delivery.

We are a reputed manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Liquid Organic Fertilizer, Our fertilizers upgrade the yield and advance the development of the harvest. We process this Liquid Organic Fertilizer by utilizing best quality intensifies We offer this fertilizer at moderate costs inside the stipulated time period. Our service is outstanding for all our customers, at this platform you can get the best value and cost-effective product Liquid Organic Fertilizer.

Dolls Export is a big supplier, importers and exporters of Liquid Organic Fertilizer, Liquid Humic - high-quality Liquid Organic Fertilizer products at the best price in INDIA.

Liquid Organic Fertilizer

We Offer Variety Liquid Organic Fertilizer in Different Formulation & Combination As Per Customer Requirement For Follicular & Drip Application In Most Affordable Price in Bulk Or 1 Liter Packing

  • Humic Acid 12%-18% (Micro Nutrients)
  • Amino 20%-30%
  • Herbal Amino Acid 20%-30% (Green Colour)
  • Fulvic+Amino 15%-20% (Micro Nutrients)
  • Seaweed Gel 15%-30% (Micro Nutrients)
  • Nitrobenzene 20%-25%
  • Plant Growth Regulator PGR Liquid (Combination Of Seaweed+humic+fulvic Brassinolide+Cheated Elements)

A wide stock of products like liquid fertilizer, Organic NPK Liquid fertilizers and Water Soluble fertilizer at competitive rate, we are the trusted importer, exporter & supplier of organic NPK liquid fertilizers. Bulk Orders Only!

Benefits of Organic Fertilizers

  • 100% Organic & Eco-Friendly.
  • Increase crop resistance to drought, frost, salinity, hail, disease.
  • Ready For Application Completely Soluble in Water Easy to Spray.
  • Promoters Growth, Increase Yield by 30-50% More, Improves Quality.
  • Used For All Crop & Plant.
Go Green | We Love With Environment.
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