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Plant Growth Regulators (PGR)


Nano Seaweed is an Innovative Technology For Efficient Plant growth regulator, Promote crop growth, Early mature, Improve quality and Increase Production. 100% Organic Product It can used for vegetables, fruit, cotton ,maize, grapes, Sugarcane, rice, wheat and Tea and other crops, Promote its growth, Sprout, Blossom and bear fruit.


Natural Auxin, Alganic Acid Organic Matter, Micro Nutrients


30 Litre water for Vegetable and Other Crop 15 Litre Water For Fruit Crop, Grapes, Apple, Oranges Banana.

Plant Growth Promoters are materials, which improve the total wellness growth and development of plants. These materials might be either artificially produced or obtained from organic by-products.

Plant Growth Promoters (PGP) are effective in improving the crop, high quality as well as productivity considerably. PGPs, especially biological by-products are a lot more reliable and risk-free. It can be suggested for all plants.

Plant growth promoter is the one of the excellent quality product manufactured by Company, the material also helps to Increase crop and vegetable tillering, it is also capable to Increase grains filling and grains weight as per the expectation of this material. we are listed in premium supplier and producer of plant growth promoter. this product is also able to promote the actual growth of the crop roots. we are the high-level supplier of plant growth promoter, we provide the service In all India level.

Plant Growth Promoter

  • Promote plants growth, increase crops yield effectively.
  • Promote buds formation, keep flowers and fruits setting, promote fruits enlargement.
  • Improve fruits taste, color and shape, thus improve fruits quality.
  • Increasing Crop & Vegetables tillering (shooting), increase grains filling and grains’ weight.
  • Seeds treatment: increase seeds germination, improve seeds vigor.
  • Improve crops’ ability of cold and drought resistance.
  • Improve crops’ resistant ability to diseases.
  • Relieve the chemical and harmful stresses from pesticides and herbicides.
  • Promotes early and uniform seed germination.
  • Promotes growth of roots
  • Enhances photosynthesis and stimulates plant growth
  • Reduces dropping of flowers and fruits; Improve flower and fruit retention
  • Protects plants against chilling and drought stress, and pesticide damage
  • Improve fruit quality and yield
  • Prolong fruit storage period
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